"Our managers requested a class that would better help them organize their time and meet their responsibilities. Your seminar, “Time is on Our Side”, was rated a four star presentation by all. Not only was it filled with practical tips, but you drew on the experience of the managers to determine what their needs were and expanded on their thoughts. You shared stories and incorporated humor throughout. We are thrilled and everyone wants you back! "

Training Manager, IRS
"It seemed impractical to take a whole day off during our busiest season to learn about paper and time management, but the payoff has been tremendous! I would recommend your program to anyone. It was just what I needed to realize what needed to get done in order to help me get it ALL done! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You have de-stressed my life!"

Director of Country Club Catering, Chicago
"We had eleven guests in attendance just to hear your presentation in addition to our full membership. Many of them came up to me afterwards and were very high in their praise of your program. I would highly recommend your services as a speaker. Your energy and articulation of the subject were exceptional. Thank you."

President, South Puget Sound CFDD/NACM


"The response from participants was tremendous, and many felt that your Time Management and Organization Skills presentation was the most helpful one of the day. Thanks for a wonderful presentation. "

Administrative Staff Assistant, Seattle Public Utilities
"Ellen really listened to me, learned about my likes and dislikes and analyzed my work habits. She set up systems and uncluttered my office. I now spend my time doing my jobs rather than trying to find my job. My work is more efficient and less stressful."

Group Director, Microsoft, Redmond
"I am not a paper person, so I hired Ellen to make my work flow more easily. I was so impressed with how she personalized a system to handle unique needs. She created forms, filing systems and an easy way to process my work. The sole reason I can stay on top of my paperwork now is because of Ellen’s creative systems. I’d recommend her to anyone."

Art Dealer Seattle


"Ellen has an incredible eye for space usage. As my business grows, I immediately call Ellen. She listens to what I need and shows me how I can adapt my space for more convenience and workability. I wouldn’t make a move without her."

Owner, Clothing Manufacturer, Bellevue
"The combination of Ellen’s organizational and communication recommendations for our administrative department have been invaluable during this time of transition."

Executive Assistant, Hospital, Olympia

"Ellen Langan is a professional in the best sense of the word: She's engaging and knowledgeable. She made the Myers Briggs process effortless, and made sure I understood the results. I refer to our work often for both professional and personal insights."

Professional Certified Coach, Seattle

"I found the Meyers Briggs method both fascinating and extremely useful for good communications in both my business and personal relationships. It works!"

Owner, Web Design Company, Seattle

"Ellen’s Myers Briggs seminar was by far the finest workshop at this conference. Ellen helped me gain insight into my own style and how I can communicate more effectively with my clients. It was just the kind of information I needed."

National Association of Professional Organizers

"I have taken the Myers Briggs instrument several times in my life and never had it presented as clearly and in such depth as it was with Ellen. She only only gave me an understanding of my own communication style but also how I would be perceived by others. What I appreciated most though, was the concrete, practical suggestions she gave me to improve my communication with my staff and clients."

Attorney, Seattle
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